Daniel Serrano


Born in Andújar (Jaén) in 1991, he began to study the violin at age 8 in Elementary Conservatory of Music of his town. Later, he studied with Javier Sanchís in Jaen Medium Conservatory of Music. At the same time, he often traveled to Madrid and received lessons from Olga Vilkomirskaia. In 2009, he moved to San Sebastián where he obtained in 2013 his bachelor degree under the guidance of Keiko Wataya.

He has received masterclasses from Josep-Lluís Puig, Gonçal Comellas, Tomasz Tomaszewki and Cuarteto Quiroga. Moreover, he has performed with Andalusian Philharmonic Orchestra, City of Jaen Orchestra and Youth Academy City of Granada Orchestra. He has won the first prize of Andujar Chamber Music Competition (2001), String Competition of Jaen Medium Conservatory of Music (2007) and City of Jaen String Competition (2009); in addition to a second prize in “Marcos Pedro” Violin Contest. He is a Ciklus Ensemble’s founder member.