After all, young performers

"There is no doubt that Ciklus Ensemble has rehearsed Pierrot Lunaire by Schoenberg thoroughly. It was such an intense and extraordinary poetic version that could compete in many ways with professional ensembles. The performance of Lucía Gómez was outstanding. She was able to naturally capture the delicate and touching vocalism proposed by Schoenberg. "

Mikel Chamizo. Diario Gara. 22/08/2012

Twelve champions

"It is a great achievement that the twelve students and former students from Musikene that opened the series Ciclo Jóvenes intérpretes chose a repertoire of that kind and still were able to excel in their performance. Ciklus Ensemble selected three really complex music pieces, yet they nailed it as authentic champions."

Aitor Álvarez. Diario Vasco. 21/08/2012


Full of courage

"They paid an elegant and convincing homage to Escudero [...]. It was a bold setlist, yet the end result was fine. The young musicians of Ciklus Ensemble wanted to arouse passion among listeners."

Arkaitz Mendoza. Berria. 22/08/2012


Ciklus in Italia

"The ensemble played consistently and performed accurately, as demanded by the music. Do not set aside this ensemble, since it will soon make people talk. We miss this sort of chamber ensembles, with an ideal creative feeling."

Ainhoa Uría. Mundoclasico.com